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Bedliners from Northwest Auto Accessories
Our Made in the USA patented Rugged Liner bedliners provide your truck with tough, affordable protection. Our truck bedliners are the #1 seller in the aftermarket and come with a limited lifetime warranty. The bedliners have front rail protection, tough, patented front corners and side walls, uniform wall thickness, non-pooling skid resistant floors, tailgate protection, 2 x 4 inserts to permit two tier stacking and durable, high density polyethylene protection and are available in over the rail (most models) and under the rail.
  1. 2 x 4 inserts to permit two-tiered stacking (most models)
  2. Front rail protection
  3. Tough, patented front corners and side walls
  4. Uniform wall thickness
  5. Non-pooling skid resistant floors
  6. Tailgate protection

Bedmats from Northwest Auto Accessories

Bed Mats are a cost-effective solution to protect your truck bed surface free from scratches, dings and dents. Shifting cargo is also a detriment to your truck's appearance. Bed Mats help prevent shifting cargo from damaging your truck and eliminate chasing down loose items strewn about the truck bed.

Bed Mats are custom fitting to your truck by contouring around wheel wells for ultimate coverage. Rubber cleats on the reverse side facilitate water drainage and keep the Bed Mat securely in place. Made in the USA with superior manufacturing, you can trust heavy-duty Bed Mats to last the life of your truck.

Each heavy-duty Bed Mat is constructed from .375" (9.52mm) high-density Rubber compound that is resistant to gas or oil spills. The tightly compressed Rubber fibers are abrasion and tear resistant from your cargo. Your custom fit Bed Mat will not crack, rust or break in extreme temperatures. Resilient Rubber compound material deflects harmful UV rays to decrease fading.

LINE-X Spray On Bedliners from Northwest Auto Accessories

All systems utilize a two-component, spray-in-place, 100% solids (no air pollution), thermoplastic polyurethane and polyurea.

There are two separate materials that are precisely dispensed through a high pressure, plural component internal mixing polyurethane spray machine. They are each heated to 120-140 degrees with the temperature maintained through a heated hose. Using high pressure, the materials are mixed internally at a 1:1 ratio at the tip of the spray gun. As the material is applied, it takes less than 5 seconds for it to harden. As soon as LINE-X lands on the surface, it's dry!

LINE-X products are a fast-cure, multipurpose series of coatings designed for a wide range of retail, commercial, and industrial uses. They exhibit excellent adhesion to most properly prepared surfaces. With its fast cure time, it can be sprayed vertically and even overhead without running or dripping. There are no solvents associated with LINE-X products, which means there are no air pollutants or harmful environmental contaminates.

LINE-X Protective Coatings are resistant to most solvents and acids, making them ideal for industrial and commercial applications where corrosion is prevalent. Using LINE-X greatly extends equipment and vehicle life expectancy. It has a high "shore D" hardness rating, offering excellent impact resistance and superior tensile strengths (up to 6,600 psi) resulting in outstanding abrasion resistance. Because the material is sprayed there is a complete seal, making the coating "water tight".

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