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In an accident, it’s still the only thing standing between you and an airborne reciprocating saw. Only now, it also creates a quieter zone that lets you get the most from your mobile office.Bulkheads

Easy Installation
All of the new bulkheads have sidewall and roof mounting brackets with pre-punched mounting holes for WEATHER GUARD® accessories for quick and effortless installation

Heavy Gauge Steel
Only heavy gauge steel is used on our bulkheads for both increased strength and durability.

Improved Impact Resistance
Reciprocating saw or other tool in the cargo area? Not to worry with our improved impact resistance that will keep you out of harm’s way.

New Vertical Panel Design
Our new vertical design reduces ambient noise levels so you can enjoy a nice and quiet “mobile office”.

Polycarbonate Windows
We have added polycarbonate windows on all of our bulkheads to improve visibility into the back of your van.

Improved Heating and Cooling
Keep the passenger area temperatures as hot or cold as you would like, without having to worry about losing it all to the back of the van.

Exclusive 9” x 12” Dog Hatch™ Door
Our exclusive Dog Hatch™ Door allows for easy loading of long materials by utilizing the floor space in front of the bulkheadIn an accident, it’s still the only thing standing between you and an airborne reciprocating saw. Only now, it also creates a quieter zone that lets you get the most from your mobile office.


Rapid Mount ShelvingRapid Mount Shelving

Completely redesigned FOR THE WAY YOU WORK™, Weather Guard® Rapid Mount™ Shelving takes it to the max! Maximum customization and capacity, for maximum productivity. Shelves can now be adjusted quickly without tools, using our new cam handles. Assembly and installation is faster and easier than before. Our tapered end panels and notched base maximize floor clearance for drawer units or supplies.

Secure Storage

Add extra security and theft-resistance for valuable tools and equipmentwith WEATHER GUARD® SecureStorage shelf units. Multiple door and drawer modules easily assemble into RAPID MOUNT™ Shelving. Our welded steel construction and heavy-duty locking mechanism ensures peace of mind on the job or in the parking lot.

EZ-Cube Shelving

Heavy-duty van storage, made easy. WEATHER GUARD® EZ-Cube Shelving is pre-assembled and ready to install. Pre-punched shelves allow for quick installation of cabinets, bin dividers, or accessory doors. Heavy-gauge steel construction with our signature bright white powder coat ensure years of durability, and a professional appearance.

Easily Customizable
With pre-punched mounting holes for WEATHER GUARD® accessories, you can know that everything is going to fit exactly how you need it to.

Tool-Less Adjustable Shelves
Our all-new tool-less shelves allow you to change the shelving on the fly as your needs change without having to break out the tools

End Caps
We have put end caps on the top of all our shelves so you can easily store items or tie-down loads on top of the shelving instead of on valuable floor space in your van.

Deeper 16” Fully Hemmed Shelves
Tools have changed over time and so we made our shelves 16” deep so you don’t have to worry about a tool not fitting properly.

Floor Clearance
What good is a shelf that doesn’t let you store stuff underneath it? We created storage space underneath the shelves so you can maximize space.

Red Zone Accessories

End Panel Accessories
Easily find parts or supplies with our all-new End Panel accessories. They easily attach to our shelving units so tools and materials you need quickly are not only neat and tidy, but also within reach when you need them.

Cab Command Center
Don’t call this a file box, but a between-seat Cab Command Center that has plenty of room for your laptop and hanging files. Also has a clip board on the inside lid and extra storage for personal items. Power Pass® electrical pass-thru grommet lets you keep everything charged while you’re on the road. Our D-Handle lock keeps everything safe when you’re on the job. Easy to release interior latch lets you take it when you need it.

Grab & Go Tool Cart
Our new, modular 3-piece rolling tool chest puts those tools and parts used on every job at your fingertips. Heavy-duty construction keeps your productivity rolling for years to come.

Specialty Storage

Whatever your specialty is, ours is keeping the tools of your trade secure and easy to access. We considered the big things and the small details to give you more organization.

One-Touch Push Button Latch Assembly
The push button latch allows for one handed opening and closing.

Power Pass®
The electrical pass-thru grommet makes charging tools on the go possible without having to worry about cords or loose tools getting in your way.

Smooth Rolling Drawer
The drawer smoothly rolls to give you easier access and organization to your tools.

Anti-Skid Strips
Strips of anti-skid tape provide traction and grip for wet or muddy boots.

Heavy Gauge Aluminum
Our new storage units are made with heavy gauge aluminum so they aren’t only strong and durable with a 225 pound load rating, but also lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Easy Maintenance
The drawers are completely removable so you can clean, lubricate, and service them without any hassle.

Van Racks

WEATHER GUARD® Van Solutions offer a variety of roof racks to address every trade, every business, every need. Our standard designs accommodate ladders and long material — all the oversized items you need to carry. Conduit and pipe carriers ensure the right stock is always available. Our premium aluminum Quick Clamp Racks make oversized work materials easy to handle. Make your life simpler. Make your choice WEATHER GUARD Van Solutions.

The quickest, easiest and safest drop-down ladder rack system available, our EZ-GLIDE™ System has a hydraulic design to raise and lower your ladders with just a flip of a lever.

Pro Packages

More than ever, time is money. So Weather Guard® van solutions has re-engineered time-saving van storage packages for a broad range of professional trades.

Contractor / Remodeler
We know contractors and remodelers need flexibility to adjust their van storage to fit the job. WEATHER GUARD® Van Solutions packages are customizable for your work needs now, and in the future. You’ll have flexibility with our tool-less adjustable shelves, a variety of storage cabinets, and handy accessories.

Our Plumbing packages help you organize your equipment and supplies, large and small. From rooters and recips, to pipe threaders and hand tools. Our cabinets and drawer units securely store all those fittings and components. WEATHER GUARD® Van Solutions packages are customizable, with an array of accessories

Mechanical Contractor / HVAC
Mechanical / HVAC pro packages keep expensive test equipment and meters safe, and organize parts, large equipment, and supplies. WEATHER GUARD® Van Solutions packages are customizable to meet your specific storage needs with an array of accessories, like Freon Tanks holders.

Electrician / Electrical Contractor
Our Electrician packages give you secure storage for expensive test instruments, hand, and power tools. Cabinets and Drawer Units help organize all those connectors and fittings. Supplies are a snap with wire spool racks, and roof-top Conduit Carriers. WEATHER GUARD® Van Solutions are easily customized.